Custom Database Solutions
Relevance Reactor (RR) is a Data Management Platform (DMP) that provides high performance, cost effective database solutions to data-driven companies. In particular this includes companies that are receiving, storing, querying and exporting large amounts of consumer and business data. Relevance Reactor is a leader in helping clients overcome the challenges & costs associated with a current solution that is not preforming and meeting business needs, or with trying to maintain and continually add functionality to an internal database. RR is a hosted solution, providing the massive benefit of not having to worry about data security as well as recurring & increasing network and infrastructure costs.

Automating the flow of your data using our industry leading data management tools is just one of the benefits you'll experience by utilizing RR as your database solution provider. The RR platform was architected and built for handling & managing large amounts of data. Our robust API allows us to easily integrate with any 3rd party systems you may be using to import or export data. This could include anything from data hygiene, validation and appending services, to Email Service Providers (ESPs) and tracking platforms.

Clients of RR can expect to benefit from a rock solid platform with enterprise level database management features & functionality. In addition, clients can enjoy extremely fast query times on even the largest of data sets. Some clients may use their new RR database(s) to either replace or co-exist with their current database solution. Other clients had not previously managed their data at all, therfore finally ending the days of manually manipulating, importing & exporting their data. Clients of all sizes can enjoy RR's user-friendly interface and know that the data they need to manage is right at their fingertips.

We understand the critical importance and value of your data and how it affects your day-to-day operations. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities, we would love the opportunity to discuss the right database solution for your needs. Click Here for more information including a list of features and benefits.
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