Welcome to Relevance Reactor ... a user-friendly, web-based software platform designed specifically for digital marketers ... providing them with the tools they need to track campaigns across any media type as well as manage every aspect of their data. They say a picture's worth a thousand words. We think the following diagram says at least that much. Take a look, check out our features and tours, then contact us for a live demo.
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  • Powerful offer and creative management with a centralized, web-based library
  • Generate deep analytics for campaigns across any media type (search, display, email)
  • All campaigns have built-in geographic tracking and user profiling
  • Full ESP integration and automated email campaign deployment
  • Reduce cost and increase ROI through data centralization and automation
  • Easily normalize, validate, scrub, de-duplicate and merge new data
  • Powerful data flow management from any source to any destination
  • Real-time data import & validation and real-time distribution
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