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Data Management Solutions for Data Driven Marketers



For years now Relevance Reactor (RR) has been a leader in providing fully hosted data management solutions to companies involved in data driven marketing.  Relevance Reactor’s high performance data management solutions will allow you take control and embrace your data the same way numerous Data Brokers, Lead Generators, Email Marketers and other companies have by using the Relevance Reactor platform.

Simply having all your data centralized, tracked by source, automatically de-duped, cleaned, organized, ready for querying and export to any destination, is a huge first step in joining the next generation of database marketing.


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Data Management Simplified 


Built-In Reporting

Many Awesome System Features
Custom Reporting and Business Intelligence
Database Management
Data Hygiene & Verification
Data Rejection and Suppression
Data Import
Data Segmentation
Web Based Interface
Data Export
Data De-Duping
Data Mining/Filtering/Querying
  • IMPORT Your Data
  • CENTRALIZE Your Data
  • DE-DUPE Your Data
  • ORGANIZE Your Data
  • CLEANSE Your Data
  • UNDERSTAND Your Data
  • SEGMENT Your Data
  • FILTER Your Data
  • QUERY Your Data
  • EXPORT Your Data


Why Use

just some of the reasons Why Relevance Reactor may be right for you ...

  • Your company's valuable data is in disaray, located on disparate systems.
  • You require the ability to centralize and access your data from one location
  • You struggle with automating your incoming and outgoing dataflow
  • You are spending hours of time manipulating data manually
  • You currently lack the ability to integrate with 3rd party data sources & destinations
  • Your current database solution is no longer fulfilling your business needs
  • The performance of your current database solution is inhibiting your ability to access the data in a timely manner
  • Your currently unable to automate the de-duplication and suppression of your data
  • The features of your current database solution are limiting what you are able to do with your data (you are not getting the most out of your data)
  • You incur high, ongoing development, network and infrastructure costs
  • You lack the reporting needed to make actionable decisions
Relevance Reactor


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Relevance Reactor
Data Manager


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(includes up to 3 GB data storage = approx. 20 million full records)

  • Fully Hosted Solution
  • No Set up or Activation Fees
  • No Hosting & Bandwidth Costs
  • Unlimited Incoming & Outgoing Data Feeds
  • Global Blacklist Management (Email, Domain, Phone)
  • Advanced/Custom Import & Export Functionality
  • Advanced Data Querying & Segmentation
  • 3rd Party API integrations for Export
  • Unlimited access to all RR features
  • Suppression List Management
  • Integrated Data Hygiene 
  • MD5 Encryption
  • Custom Reporting 
  • Unlimited Users
  • Support Included


What are some of the Benefits



Relevance Reactor


benefits of using Relevance Reactor Data Management platform ( just some )

  • Easily access your centralized data from anywhere at anytime 
  • Save hours of time with data flow automation
  • Save money eliminating ongoing infrastructure and network costs
  • Support for databases of any size, with any number of fields
  • Relational data model support (any number or related databases)
  • A high performance platform with extremely fast query times
  • Data centralization, de-duplication, normalization and validation
  • Automated imports and exports (Real-Time, FTP and HTTP)
  • Integration with 3rd party data sources and destinations
  • Automation of data hygiene, validation and appending processes via your current provider(s)
  • Feed data into 3rd party ESP accounts via API integrations
  • Cost effective data storage, warehousing & archiving
  • Advanced features to segment and query your data
  • Full API available to support custom in-house interfaces to your data
  • User friendly interface for non-technical users with additional advanced interfaces for technical staff
  • Rock solid platform with reliable support and service
  • Custom Reporting capabilities

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